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Originally Posted by E-Phone View Post
Let me understand:
(1) Your first phone (BB 8900) had problems.
(2) Your second BB 8900 is awful with all these problems
(3) Your wife's BB 8900 also has problems
(4) You love Verizons.
(1) My first 8900 had a headphone jack problem but wasn't the greatest for voice calls....I mainly exchanged it because of the headphone jack cutting out
(2) My second 8900 was awful right out of the box with all the problems I mentioned.
(3) My THIRD 8900 had all the same problems as the second one. They had me try a few things that didn't fix it and then they sent me a new battery to try because of the rebooting but that didn't work either so they offered me a FOURTH phone.
(4) My wife has the call issues (dropped calls and one way audio) and probably doesn't notice it as much as me because she doesn't use it much for voice calls.
(5) I had no problems with almost 10 years I was with Verizon but we wanted Blackberries and they were just too expensive for the same services and a LOT more money for tethering. I guess you do get what you pay for because they definitely DO have the network.
(6) TMO CUSTOMER SERVICE HAS BEEN GREAT. I believe they have done everything to try to help me but it seems that they are stumped now and can just offer handset exchanges.

Originally Posted by E-Phone View Post
You must be a very unlucky person for (1), (2), and (3) to happen. Call TMO to change your phone(s). I am assuming your intention here is not to critisize TMO and advertise Verizon. Or, is it?
Yes sometimes I do have that kind of luck. I just figured before I got a fourth phone I'd throw this out and see if anyone else was having any of these problems. I am in no way trying to bash T-Mobile. Sprint has some nice deals and I've heard good things about their service on Long Island including that if they roam it will be on Verizon's network which is pretty much everywhere around here. I could easily sell these 8900's for more than enough to pay the ETF and leave tmo but we love the BB 8900's and I was hoping it was a software issue or something other than "tmo's coverage just stinks....get rid of them" but unfortunately it is looking more and more to be that way.

Originally Posted by E-Phone View Post
Suggestion: Please write a shorter note if you want (more) people to read your note.
I agree and sorry for the long post but I had a lot of problems I wanted to get out there.

Quick update: I am currently running a newer OS (.250) for 4 or 5 days now and the phone is not rebooting anymore but the call problems haven't got any better.
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