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I have made the mistake of buying Blackberry Storm...after the fact I read business news article that points out what a disaster it is...and guess what..exactly what they point out are some of things I'm struggling with.
Here is what I wrote.
I have to say, if the person who programmed this storm phone were here in the room, ..well let’s just say it wouldn’t be pretty.

1. This is the worst touch screen I have ever seen. I’m 160 lbs and 5 10. I’m not known for my ‘fat fingers’ but can you guess how many times it types the wrong key. THEN I was almost finished setting up a new account when it asked me if I would like to re-enter the username and password. I was just about finished when my fat clumsy fingers hit a wrong key, and it aborted. Of course when I tried to go back and start over, it informs me after my laborious typing that this PIN is already in use…so silly me, I try to log in, but of course no e-mail account exists…Now I thought, why not read the PDF manual. Silly me, thinking there would be a longer explanation about creating an e-mail count, or being old fashioned enough to think it might have something like a detailed index at the back so I could look up some specific questions such as how to re-enter an e-mail account, whether I need to be connected to the internet to do settings, or god forbid I might want to delete an e-mail account. Of course it’s a cell phone, so is connected to BELL yet still all these problems.
2. So then I thought maybe I’ll create another account using a different user name and password, but the message the PIN already exists comes up. It did say that I could enter up to ten, but somehow wouldn’t allow me to do that in spite of the fact I used different username and password.

Did I mention how many times I had to sometimes push the screen to get it to respond, or how many times I tried to use my finger to slide to a particular set of instructions, only to open one next to it????, or how slow it is to flip from landscape to portrait??

So now I’m going to have to get someone on the phone…once I calm down and realize the person didn’t invent this thing.

3. So then I tried to enter my hotmail account as one possibility and eventually got a message I couldn’t do that now…...just cryptic message that I couldn’t do that now.
4. I made the mistake of trying the lock key, since I have lost a lot of calls on my previous phone by touching a key when retrieving my phone. Yet …and there were ;7 adults in the room, who all have cell phones, and the instructions on the screen tell us to push the lock key..except of course the lock key seems to be ‘locked out’ and if only I could get to the lock key I could have unlocked it….we all tried everything we could think of…with the ‘blackberry’ instruction on screen, and eventually we got back to the phone but the person didn’t know how it happened….so silly me thought I might look it up in the manual with the phone, or surely it would be in the pdf ‘user friendly’ blackberry instruction guide…course it’s not in the front index as a title…and of course..we already know that there is no back index to look up something as absurd as ‘lock key’ in the manual.
5. Since I would guess that I have not completed the set-up wizard, it will again lock up the screen when I am trying to answer an incoming call…I’m a physician, so occasionally getting calls is important…so by the time I finally exit from the do you want to set up the wizard screen, of course I’ve missed the call, as happened yet again today.

I am a professional who uses computers for my living, and the people in the room were all professionals who somehow couldn’t follow the wonderful blackberry instructions on the screen. Did I mention my previous phone was a blackberry? AREN’T I THE FOOL!

Might I suggest this…that you take an educated person who has used a cell phone before, and lock all your programmers in a room. NO ONE GETS OUT UNTIL THIS EDUCATED PERSON HAS SET UP AND FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO E-MAIL ACCOUNTS, LOCK SCREENS ECT….no bathroom privileges, no food, no water….how many you think will survive?

So, yes I know that by eventually getting a live person who will walk me through setting up accounts, it will be interesting to see which country they’re from…BUT THE FACT REMAINS, unless I’m a complete idiot along with my friends, and even as a male, I desperately tried to find instructions somewhere in more detail in what is described as a ‘userfriendly’ manual, that I have been driven to such a state of frustration by just trying to get through what seemed a ‘simple set-up’ wizard…makes it clear that I HAVE MADE A HUGE MISTAKE IN PURCHASING THIS PRODUCT. AND NOW I’M STUCK WITH THIS PIECE OF GARBAGE FOR A THREE YEAR CONTRACT.

However, one of the positive things about the internet is that typically there is a site where one can let others know just a what a fine product one has purchased, or…as the case may be…warn others about what they are about to get themselves into.

In closing, I don’t particularly want a response to each question I’ve raised, since given my experience with the manual, I suspect I’ll be spending a lot of time on the phone talking to someone, who somehow is able to find answers for me.

I am a very busy physician working in an underserviced area, and the fact that I have just wasted probably an hour and a half, just trying to work through the set-up wizard, and the necessity of needing to vent to someone, who I know in the end could care less.

WAIT...MAYBE I CAN TAKE IT BACK!! Haven't used for 30 minutes or 30 days!

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