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Originally Posted by nb_mitch
It's not a play toy :( Now I am bummed, that is the only reason I bought it ;)

First and foremost, it isn't a phone, it is a Blackberry with some phone capability. As such it's primary use you didn't even mention, email. Secondly, you can sync up a BB with your outlook for calendar, tasks, contacts and last you can run many apps, including PDA types of apps.

Personally, I use mine for email about 75% of the time, I use it as a phone about 10% and IM about 10% and 5% browsing the net. Browsing on the 8700 is feasible, because of the EDGE, but I don't think it was feasible on a non-EDGE device as my 7290 was.

To me, the 8700 is a communication tool. I use the phone function, the email function and the browser function, all for communication. The phone is as good as any phone I have ever had, better as it's the first with a speakerphone capability. It is my only personal phone, no landline at home. Emai is great. And I use IM to communicate with my son in Taji, Iraq whenever we can hook up. And lastly, I use the browser to communicate with everyone here on BBForums. That's a communication tool.