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1 - I doubt that 100,000's of 8700 units have been sold so far, so the ratio of affected versus manufactured/in use is probably a bit lower (probably 10,000 or so, if that)...
I heard a higher number mentioned by RIM but I thought I would be more conservative...

2 - I really like to see these threads come up, but I don't necessarily like to see all of the 'ask RIM for me...' type questions that tend to come afterwards - its rather annoying to read, and I'm sure its somewhat frustrating to John. If the latter is the case (and you can say as much, John), everyone should keep their replies limited to reports of similar issues on requested information (such as the dust issue, currently).
I wanted to keep this thread to serious issues that RIM might not have been aware of and to act as an information channel (hopefully not the only channel for information). Currently the only real issue with any repeatability across multiple units appears to be the dust issue and as I stated, after Friday I will not be gathering the info as RIM is well aware of the situation.

I'm sure that most people do not think they have the means to speak to RIM about issues, but you do. You simply call your carrier, or sometimes you can even call RIM directly, about the issue and report it up. If RIM is claiming they are not receiving customer complaints from the carrier, then there is obviously a QA issue that needs to be addressed from both sides. Relying on a single person on an internet forum is not always the greatest means of getting your issues and information to the proper sources - then again, going through the correct and suggested escalation route isn't always the best way either. However, if an issue is reported enough by enough people, and then rinsed and repeated, eventually someone will have to address it (in a logical customer-oriented business world).

This is correct. Each users should pursue the other means available to them including calling Cingular and getting devices replaced. The initial report I have from the tester I know states that the unit he has does not appear to have any dust issues but he is still testing the device.

I will report the findings from RIM when I get them. I currently have two 8700s and had two prior to that without any problems on any of them. It may turn out that it is eaither one of the production lines or assembly locations that is introducing the dust into the units and not a design flaw at all. We will find out.

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