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Originally Posted by piusg View Post
There were several rumors of the Storm 2 hitting the streets with "MiFi" capability, such as this rumor right here:

Storm 2 hitting Verizon with 'MiFi capability?'

...and if the rumor were true, I would currently have a Storm 2 right at this very moment.

However, what I think was more likely, was that some Verizon functionary got the 'M' and 'W' keys juxtaposed whilst typing in the specs for the new Storm 2 (it's an honest mistake--I mean, an 'M' does look like a 'W' on its back). Hence, the rumor.
I believe there was one rumor, repeated.

Since the Storm 2 is out, wouldn't someone have actually noticed it?

And why would Verizon, which resisted WiFi until the bitter end, canabalize their MiFi sales?

Since it is already out on Verizon Wireless' web site, with no mention of MiFi, I strongly doubt it.

(There are other threads on this)....

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