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I bought a Droid yesterday morning at 8 AM and have been using it non-stop since. Clunky? Compared to the Blackberry OS? Puhleeze.

I passed on the iPhone because of some issues that I have with the phone, but the Droid is spot on for me. Is it perfect? Hell no, it isn't. The camera is slow. As it stand right now it blows my former BB away. No contest. Google can and will make it better. The home screens lag a bit when you scroll them. Again, something that Google can and will do something about.

Clicking the screen has been no issue at all for me and Google Maps Navigation has been nothing short of perfect. Has not crashed once and I have used it for numerous trips, just to try it out. Directions have been perfect and it recalculates the route faster than my Tom Tom.

The Storm 2 might be night and day better than the Storm 1 but it is still running an out of date OS with an out of date web browser using out of date and underpowered hardware.

I shall not miss my Blackberry or that stupid f'ing trackball for a second.

Oh, FWIW, I did look at a Storm 2 several weeks ago when I was trying to decide between the iPhone or waiting for the Droid. Sorry RIM, not even close to good enough to keep me.
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