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Originally Posted by SpectreBlofeld View Post
I got a Droid on launch day. My last five handsets were Blackberries... this is the first device to make me switch.

Short review: the Blackberry is still the king of email, but the Droid (from a consumer standpoint anyway) trounces it in nearly every other regard.
I'd disagree that Android is better than the Blackberry platform. I've just come from a G1 and I've loved that phone. However, with the stock ROM; it pretty much wasn't quite there. The hacking (or mod community) for the platform is thriving because of the open source platform. This is the only reason I stuck with the G1 as I got what I wanted from custom ROMs. It seems developers such as HTC who are pioneering the platform are slow to update the device and develop their devices so we see the kind of approach Apple have taken with the iPhone and bring every version of their device to a common platform.

While Google are now at version 2 with Android, most devices are still stuck on 1.5/1.6 and may possibly will be. I feel it's going to take one company to throw all their development at the platform to make Android "grow-up".

I did love the google apps intregration, very good WebKit browser, interface etc. Just feel it needs another 18 months to mature. It's not the interface (I only had experience of the standard UI), but maybe the stability that needs to be improved. Loads of crashes and lots of sub-standard apps in the market that really need to be flushed made me go elsewhere. I was thinking of buying the Droid (called the Milestone here in the UK), but no network has offered it as of yet.

I'll see how my experience goes with the new 9700 Bold. Only 3 days in and loving it already. Not really missing the touch-screen experience.
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