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When I had an iPhone (several of them), I loved the tight integration with my Macs and the very well designed interface (generally speaking). But I always missed the little features on the BlackBerry that only made sense when I left the BlackBerry platform. For example, dialing from the home screen is something I use all the time on my BlackBerry, and is something that wasn't possible with the iPhone. I also missed seeing my appointments on the home screen (I use a simple custom theme on my BlackBerry that shows the next five appointments)... I couldn't do that on the iPhone either.

I very much enjoy my Macs, and obviously they have been around much, much longer than the iPhone has, but it also used to bug me to no end that Apple was so slow to improve the features of the iPhone. One day they'll get there, but I don't want to invest (again) in the iPhone at this point with my fingers crossed that new features will be implemented sooner rather than later.

That said, I sure wish RIM would incorporate actual IMAP support for BIS accounts on the device, including folder support. That would be a nice step forward. So to be fair, while Apple takes forever to improve the iPhone, RIM doesn't seem to be any better. But at least RIM has a history of generally solid devices under their belt.

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