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Day 4 with this bad boy and I am not missing the BB one bit..

Quick review for now..

OS --> Very stable as I have not had to reboot it once and I have a ton of apps running in background that are constantly updating. (email, weather, sports ticker ect..) This thing is fast and I mean fast! It scoots right along with no hesitation whatsoever..

Screen --> Wow! Enough said but this screen blows anything away on a phone I have ever seen...

GUI --> Very very nice! I have 3 main screens to use and navigate between them with a finger swipe. My main screen has the normal icons for email, calendar, contacts, messaging ect.. I swipe to the left and I have my widgets for weather, sports calendar ect.. I swipe to the right and I have my contacts listed that I interact with the most and shortcuts to websites that I visit the most..

QWERTY Keyboard --> Still trying to get use to it... It's flat and I am making many typos on it... The BB keyboard blows this away

Multimedia --> Don't use the camera, GPS or Wifi so I can't really comment on them. Never have music on any of my devices so I can't comment on that. The video player is awesome though.

Email --> Very, very nice! Real html email that looks just like it does on your pc desktop... I have 2 pop3 accounts that are set to poll every 5 minutes and my gmail is instant.

Browser --> Wow.. Best browser experience I have ever had on a device. This is fast and renders the page as seen on your PC browser. Love it!!!!!!!

Applications --> There has got to be 4.3 gazillion apps for this thing in the store... Most are free..

Phone --> Clear on my end and on the others. Some have commented they thought I was on a landline.

I love the Google search at the top of my main (center screen) I tap the speech button and say what I am looking for. It thinks for a second and opens the browser to a google search page with the results. It has been very accurate for me thus far.

The battery life has been awesome so far.. I do not run wifi, gps or bluetooth and that could be the reason....

A few things I do not like... The screen goes to sleep after a user set amount of time (that's great) but to wake the screen you have to push the button on the top of the device then swipe to unlock... And as mentioned above the keyboard.... It feels awkward and cramped to me... Maybe I just need more time to adjust to it...

Thats my quick review for now... Ask any questions you have and I will say that this device may very well be the BB killer for me..

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