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I think this is a great idea. A year or so ago there was a discussion about starting an experts-only forum. It was to be a place where newbies couldn't post at all. I didn't like that one because I was afraid all the experts would migrate over to the experts-only area and completely tune out the newbies.

This suggestion sounds similar, but I like it better. If newbies could be restricted to a newbie only forum for posts for a few days it might cause them to search more. I haven't been here as long as many of you, but I, too, have answered a few questions. On the other hand, just the other day I posted without searching. Soon after I did a search and found several posts on the topic I started. I guess we are all subject to occasional amnesia.

The how-do-i-unlock-which-is-the-best-bluetooth-how-do-i-tether-how-do-i-sync questions do get a little old. Stick them in their own forum, but let them join the rest of us after a few days.

Hey, here's another idea! How about not letting them post until they have done 10 or 15 searches? I wonder if that would accomplish the goal.