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Originally Posted by protector View Post
Howdy All. First, I have to say I LOVE my BB. However, recently I've been having to reset the unit (by removing /reinstalling the battery) fro 3~5 times a day. One minute I'll have >3M file free size, and an hour later 0. I don;t store any data, pictures, music, etc. on the 8320, it's all on an 8MB mini-SD card. I routinely clear out my browser cache & history, call logs, messages, etc., but I still have this issue. I even checked my APP sizes, but nothing sttod out as obviously wrong. Any ideas?
BTW, T-Mobile is my carrier....
I'm having an increasingly hard time keeping my 8320 in line. Not sure what's happened other than I think each new app update gets a bit bigger. Like the Gmail app, Google Maps, Yahoo Messenger, etc. And BB Messenger 5 is much bigger.

But I haven't updated the apps in a while and I can't get above 8mb anymore after a battery pull. OS reinstall just 2 months or so ago that got it to 11mb I think, which was about 4mb low for the apps I have had (for a long time).

Unfortunately, the 8320 came out prior to html email so that's an unexpected memory usage. Add in the glitzy new stuff that makes for fatter apps and it really doesn't have enough memory.

Check your database sizes as well as the apps. Likely it's a combination of the apps and having too many emails. Apps in many cases have associated databases and files that you don't realize are attached to them. So for example, Yahoo Messenger shows maybe 500k, but if you delete it, closer to 1 mb clears up.

Options > States > BB Options Key, then Database Sizes

Culprits are Attachment Data, content store, and messages. I have no idea what's in content store or how to slim that down. The others require deletion of emails.
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