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Originally Posted by ioniancat21
Can you share please?
As I said, comments like this reinforce my point. If tools were so readily available, users like the above quoted wouldn't be looking for them. I'm sorry to have offended you BB loyalists and yes, Palm is toast today, as I said in my original comment when I stated:
Today's Blackberry offerings make the Palm look like a piece of junk in comparison
If it's a game of file formats then..........Blackberry needs to have a software tool to edit the data in bulk from the phone. I don't care if it's an IPD or XYZ file, the bottom line is that Blackberry's data editing tools are weak. I have a user at my job that has almost 7500 contacts, to-do lists, alarms and all the trimmings going and when he says "remove these 1000 contacts and replace them with.....", many hours are spent doing this. Working in .XML is not like text, so if you don't have any idea how .XML statements are formed, you're up the creek. Would you want to edit under those conditions? I don't think so!! You guys commenting negatively here probably have a 50-100 contacts in comparison and don't understand the scope of what professional users want to accomplish.

How about mail-merging?? My user wants to merge his BB address book with Act! as well as Outlook 2003 and 2007 also. Try managing issues with duplicates when the data is from 3 different data sources!!!

Under these conditions, Blackberry's native and 3rd-party tools don't hold muster.

Like I said ABC Amber offers an IPD editor that does many of these things like weed out dupes, remove bulk contacts and the sort. The problem is ABC Amber is only an individual, not a company full of people so development of the tools are slow. Furthurmore, it's ironic that while BB is one of the biggest companies making smartphones, they have nobody developing software to address the gaps in their services.
We are supposed to read your mind in your OP and know what you are ranting about, which you fail to state until here?

Still, I don't see it as a blackberry issue. But obviously I'm not a user of your professional caliber.
- Ira
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