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Originally Posted by nb_mitch
And they would generally find the answer today by using the search button. In have seen very few if any, new unique questions posted by a newbie in the last 2 months. And I didn't suggest they couldn't post, just couldn't start a new thread. So if they did a search on "turn it on" and got 100 returns and after wading through the first 20 couldn't find the answer, they should reply to the thread that comes closest to their question.

I would believe that in most cases they would find the search button actually works and wouldn't have to ask a question that may never be answered anyway, because the people "in the know" are too tried of the same question already.

In your examples, I would hope people would do a little research before the BB showed up at their door, but I understand in reality, that doesn't happen. And obviously "I" am the only person that matters in the world, so as long as "I" get the answer "I" so deserve, then the amount of time & space "I" waste for the people around me really doesn't matter.

So newbies shouldn't be considerate at all and "I" is the only thing that matters, right?
As you can see from the number of posts I've made, I'm sure to be considered a newb by many here...

However, if you take a look at the threads I started you might agree that I would have been hard pressed to find solutions via the search function. And trust me, I've gotten the answers to many more questions by using the search function. My point is that all newbs are not asking questions such as how to turn the device on/off, adjust the backlight, etc. Post or start a new thread, it doesn't matter - had I been able to do neither, I would have found a different resource and missed out on what this site has to offer.

As far as doing research ahead of time goes, I was presented with the device and asked to evaluate it before our BES demo ran out - I didn't have time to do research ahead of time. Probably not typical, but I'm sure it happens.

As far as the rest of your response goes, I don't understand the hostile bent; if you can't or won't answer a post, move to the next one. It's not that big of a deal...