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Originally Posted by tomryan
Or how about they need the answer "now" and not 2 hours from now..

Unfortuantely, most people have become accustomed to instant answers.. I think we can thank the industry for that.. ( a quick analogy is how first email changed communication and now look at all of the instant online help coming out from every company, etc)..

People are increasingly expecting instant responses to their questions..

now, I'm not saying that we here at blackberryforums should change the world, but I think we should realize the world in which we live.. unless (and I hope never) blackberryforums becomes an invite only place, I think we need to find our own answer..

Maybe a thread at the top of each forum that says "NEW TO BLACKBERRY CLICK HERE" or what have you.. and in that thread, we say, if you have a question, please click here and it posts in that thread... maybe some way to steer them all to one place..

just an idea..

everyone starts as a newbie..
Hey, tomryan.

Nice to see someone realizes that we're all newbs at the beginning...

Anyway, I'm not suggesting that anyone, no matter what their question, get an immediate response; anyone who expects that is fooling themselves. However, it's nice to be able to ask a question immediately. There are a lot of experienced people posting to this site but I would bet that if they were required to wait a couple weeks to post they would be elsewhere, taking their expertise with them.