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Default Feexed!

Genius! That worked. Who could have guessed this (but a programmer). Thanks to HailStorm!

Originally Posted by HailStorm View Post
I've just discovered an important indicator of why the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is very slow when synchronizing PIM data with MS Outlook via USB cable. RIM software development or their purchased software libraries are extreemly inefficient when writing updates to the "Synchronization Progress" pop-up window. I have two different computers and the results are the same. Here are the details of my test
- Verizon Blackberrry Pearl, Phone software: ( I've tried 3 different software version and a completedly new Pearl with the same results).
- Desktop Manager: (I've tried multiple versions, with old versions 4.3 working fine but newer ones, 4.5, 4.7 showing the slow behavior).
- I have 1,400 contacts, 600 calendar items, 200 tasks in MS Outlook.
- PC 1: HP Compaq 6910p, Dual core, 4 GB RAM.
- PC 2: HP Pavilion 763n, Single core (2.5 Ghz), 1 GB RAM
- MS Outlook 2003 (office SP3).
- I repeatedly (6 times) sync with no changes on either the Blackberry or MS Outlook. Thus no updates are needed on either side.
- I use Process Explorer v10.21 to watch the behavior of Desktop Manager (DM), cpu, memory, etc.)

A) When I run the the sync normally, so I can see the "Synchronization Progress" window, it takes 4.5 minutes CPU is very busy (90% +). This is excruciatingly slow. About 10 times slower than the older DM v4.3.


B) When I run the the sync AND ICONIFY the main window, "Working - Blackberry Desktop Manager" and the pop-up window, "Synchronization progress", it only takes 50 Seconds and the CPU is less busy (75%). The sync is 5 times faster when I iconify the "Synchronization Progress" window!.

I am a software developer, and this tells me that the software algorithm (and/or software libraries) used to create/update the "Synchronization progress" pop-up window is very, very inefficient. It is a poor design and implementation when a simple progress bar and item counter take so much CPU that they slow the real work (synchronization) by 500%!

RIM, please get this fixed. It should be trivial.
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