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Hi Netghoster,
I am not aware of the compare test for both phones, but I do own both of them. Both on AT&T. I use the 9700 for work and iPhone 3GS for personal/weekends. I have to say, I prefer the blackberry for business use, I like the keyboard, the notifiations, different sounds for different email accounts, BBM, all that. Especially now that RIM has released a DM for MAC, I can sync both phones to my Macbook Pro. The iPhone is unbeatable with internet and the apps are amazing. But again, I mostly use the iPhone like an iPod Touch with internet always available and some personal phone calls. I drive around in my car a lot in rural areas where there is spotty or no reception. The 9700 and other BlackBerries I have used before it (Bold/8900) have always had better reception than the iPhone. I would have four bars on EDGE with the 9700 and the iPhone is searching and not finding a network. I am spoiled having both phones, I have the best of both worlds, but if I had to choose, I would have the BlackBerry as a phone and an iPod Touch or in my case iPhone as a iPod/internet device. The advantage of the iPhone again is the internet and the apps. I can control my desktop computer (Windows Vista) remotely anywhere in the world with my iPhone and don't have to use a laptop as much. I can't do that with a BlackBerry.

Long story short, which phone is better? Depends on what you want to do with it.

PM me if you have more questions. I hope this helps a bit.

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