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Wirelessly posted

Originally Posted by justin.rucinski
My advice to you:

Get a Bold for use as a phone and for messaging, then buy an iPod Touch for internet, music, and all the cool applications. A BlackBerry paired with an iPod Touch is, hands down, the best combination of mobile gadgets.
This is exactly what I have and love it. I get questioned by friends pretty often when they see me carrying both why I don't just buy an iPhone and isn't it annoying to carry 2 devices? For me, it is not.

I love my iPod Touch for the massive amount of storage (my iTunes library is too large to fit on any size SD currently available), larger screen (for showing pictures), apps (I do a good bit of gaming on it) and occasional interest access (Safari beats the BB browser hands down). On the other hand for just about anything phone related I prefer my 9700. Although I am reasonably proficient on the iPhone/iTouch keyboard in firmware 3.0 I much prefer the physical keyboard of my BB. Also I love the push email, calendar, BBM, bettery battery life and better reception (the latter two points as compared to various friends' iPhones).

Granted this can be a pretty expensive combination, though less so now that the price of both devices have dropped, but if you can afford it I doubt you will regret it.