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Wirelessly posted

Originally Posted by nikolaos
My favorite BB feature vs the iphone is that I am able to listen to pandora or other radio while txting and emailing. I am surpised that the iphone can only do this with ipod and not with another iphone radio app.
Another really good point. I am so used to multitasking on my 9700 that the first time I was listening to Pandora on a friend's iPhone, clicked the home screen to check a website and Pandora cut out I was quite confused. Then he reminded me of the fact that the iPhone doesn't allow you to do any 2 tasks simultaneously unless 1 of them is listening to the onboard iPod. I cannot believe Apple has not expanding the functionality in regards to this yet.

Perhaps it wouldn't bother everyone, but frankly my BlackBerry has me spoiled. It is to the point now where I even respond to emails whilst on a phone call.