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Originally Posted by segeln4me View Post
I had a feeling I was not the only one having both those phones. I didn't know you can remote control computers with a BlackBerry as well, but I would think it would be easier on the 3GS because of the larger screen.

9700 = great business phone with music, games. videos and apps
3GS = good phone with better games, music and videos and apps

Just my opinion.
I'm not sure I agree with you on the 9700 being great with games: sure its adequate for puzzle & card games, I'd say a Tiger Woods (ahem) golf game is about the best you'd see for graphics and playing joy, but when multi-touch gaming is involved its well game over. That said maybe the Zeemote BT remote joystick will be compatible for 9700 and offer chance of better games.

I'm surprised non of you that play with both iPhone 3G/3GS & BB's have not considered the Storm2 (9550)? Probably its because no North American (NAM) 3G/HSDPA is offered.

It's been a VERY long time since I've used a BB, almost detested them for personal use because media playback was horrible (pre-Bold 9000, OS 4.2 or previous). That said I LOVE my iPhone for personal use but I'm hoping the following can be done/available on iPhone.

1. Design: Headset location & USB Micro location.
- iPhone is taken the consumer market by storm (no pun intended) and its because of support for 3rd party accessories. Having a dock connector in the bottom allows for multiple connections including for stereo docks. I'm hoping the 9700's successor puts the micro-USB connection at the bottom so those desk chargers also become possible in bed-side boom-box alarm clocks. Also the Headset should be at the top maybe in the the center or at the bottom. I'm sure i'm not the only one that detests the belt holsters and prefers carrying a phone in the front khaki's/slacks/jeans pocket (not to mention shorts in the summer on days off).

2. Applications: We all know the range of applications on the iPhone but I'm particular about the following before returning to the BlackBerry platform.

Bloomberg: This is incredible on the iPhone, and I've seen the issues with memory leaks on various BB's (8310/8820/9000/8900) in a corporate BES environment. Has it been upgraded to resolve these issues, and has the layout been improved?

CNBC RT: I'm aware this is for BlackBerry, but can you save news reports within the app & videos (highlights of the day) for retrieval later?!!

Spanish Tutor 24/7: I'm really loving this application - its to learn phrases, words, etc in Spanish. It's not quite like Rosetta Stone but with flash cards its VERY helpful. I NEED this on BB.

Yahoo/Google Finance: I have a free Yahoo Finance app that is not bad for referencing, researching news on stocks and has a beautiful intrada view but its not in real-time. I'd love to have a Google Finance for iPhone but its not available and considering their recent competition I doubt it will.

Thompson Reuters News Pro: Another stock & market news app, would love to have this for 9700.

Youtube: I hear is getting better.

Opera Mobile: yes there is Opera Mini 5 but I'd love to have the full browser like that on S60/WM.

Fring: IM chat, VoIP app. It can tie into just about any social as well. Never liked this on S60 (its original platform) but its better laid out on iPhone.

iTranslate: I need a good translation app on BB preferably free.

Worldmate: is this on BB? File transfer storage & retrieval via the cloud. Sure I can use Google Docs but I'm not fully trusting Google beyond email just yet.

I'm going to miss music composition apps like iSequence, DrumSeq, etc.

Is there a Comic Book mobile app for BB?

I just went to the store to get Cinnabons, and stopped by the Telus store to check out the Bold 9700. Coming from using the Nokia E71 I must say that RIM did a fantastic job.

Hoping sales where spectacular the past 40days as they report earnings next week.
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