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Default Unlocking my Bold 9000 on Bell Mobility-New Twist

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I got a new Bold 9000 last week on the Bell Mobility network up here in Canada. I liked the 3 year deal so much that I bought one for my wife as well for 12/25. I had always heard about unlocking phones but never knew what it really meant until this last week. I had always been on TELUS or Bell and used CDMA phones so it didn't seem to matter.

Now that Bell and TELUS have come into the 21st century and are using phones that had been the domain of Rogers up until now, at least Bell and TELUS customers have options now and more options for handsets that Rogers customers can dream of.

I contacted a Canadian seller of unlocking services I heard about on this site (not the most "popular" one who happens to be a site sponsor). I carefully provided them with my IMEI and a few minutes later, I get an email from them telling me they can't unlock my Bold and a Paypal refund for $20 CAD followed. I sent them two emails asking for clarification and nothing was forthcoming. They just blew me off.

I then shot an email to another Canadian provider (HINT: highly recommended by many people on this site and a site sponsor). I shared with them the the issues I faced with the other seller. I asked them if a Bell Mobility Bold 9000 can be unlocked and never got a reply back.

So I scoured eBay a bit and found a seller with great feedback and their listing said they can unlock Bell Mobility 9000. Their asking price was just under $19 USD. They accepted my "Best Offer" bid of slightly less than that.

Shortly after sending my money to them, I got an email with a link to their site. I entered my IMEI and other info and unlock code was shown an "pending" for about 10-15 minutes. Not long after, I get an email from them advising me to log back in as my code(s) would be there. They listed two codes (i.e. use one OR the other), so I tried both using the instructions on their site (i.e. entering the so called MEP2 code). Neither worked.

I emailed the seller back and did some research in the interim. Perhaps I entered the codes wrong despite being very careful not to. After reviewing a few Youtube videos, I noticed that not only was my Network listed as "Active" in the SIM Card Personalization screen, but so was my Service Provider. Of course "Active" means "locked". So unlike most instructions I saw out there, I had two "Active" fields, not just one.

I shared this tidbit with the seller and a few minutes later a new MEP2 code arrived (i.e. the code needed to unlock the "Network") on the site as well as a MEP4 code (i.e. "Service Provider" code). This is the same technique that is needed to unlock an Bold 9700 on both Bell and TELUS. This was the first time I'd seen a necessity for two codes on a Bold 9000.

Just a heads up in case other Bell customers try and unlock a Bold 9000 (the 9000 isn't offered by TELUS) that unlike most Bold 9000 phones out there, a Bell issued Bold may require two codes and not just one.

End result is I now have an unlocked Bold 9000 and cannot complain about the quality of service I received from this seller.

As this seller is not a site sponsor, I won't promote their site here but based on the service I received, I will use them again down the road for all my unlocking needs.

Keep in mind I got all this done on a Sunday.

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