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Default Pearl 8110 Freezing ALOT

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Hello, im new to this forum, but i've done some extensive searching and troubleshooting based off of what i've found regarding my issue and unless theres something else out there, idk what the issue is and was wondering if somebody could help. I know this seems like a lot but it seems as if those who are willing to help appreciate the details, so here goes...

I wanted to get BBM5 but could not do so without upgrading the os. Prior to me wanting to get BBM5, i never used BBM, all i used my phone for was calling, texting, pics/video, and mp3 player. So i downloaded the newest version of desktop manager for windows and started going at it.

I have an AT&T BlackBerry Pearl 8110. Last week i upgraded my os to v4.5.0.158. After looking through some postings i have just found out that there is a version out there? which is weird, and my first question is why didnt it upgrade it to this version instead of the .158?

Prior to my upgrade i installed a 8gb sandisk memory card to use my phone for mp3s & photo/video storage, everything worked JUST FINE (i didnt know about formatting the card, nor did i format it). Well, since i've upgraded my phone will sporadically run slow/sluggish when typing in bbm/text, switching between call log and home screen, going back to home screen to go to a different function (i.e. msgs, bluetooth), freeze for a lil bit when typing anywhere, when im scrolling on ANY screen, but THE ABSOLUTE WORST is that it will freeze when i am making & receiving phone calls, (when it freezes the hour glass displays, it stays on w/e screen its at, sometimes it rings, sometimes it doesnt [when it doesnt it shows the phone# in the call log as unknown number]) sometimes it will allow me to answer while stuck on the screen but people can not hear me or it will answer the phone in speaker phone mode then auto switch to normal ear piece mode. I even got a msg saying the "phone application failed and had an error" not in those exact words but it did give an error code of some sort...which of course i didnt write down...

All in all, this is getting EXTREMELY ANNOYING and i end up having to reboot at least 3x a day to fix the issue, it will be fine for a few hours then mess up again. I removed my memory card and it still does it, im going to try leaving the battery out tonight and see how that works out tomorrow w/out the mem card, im not able to upgrade to the newest OS until i get back to my pc on friday because im using a mac right now and they dont have a desktop mgr for OSX 10.4 (shux). But, has anybody had these symptoms before? is it low on memory? what did you do to fix it? are these bugs in the OS that were fixed in the newest os? where should i go from here?

all of the above.....and ANY help is appreciated...thanks for taking the time to read helping out.
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