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Default Need help to reduce data usage - BB for work

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Hello, I've spent a few hours searching these forums, some great is my issue that I'm looking for some help with - reduction of data usage:

I have AT&T through work, BES, unlimited data usage. However, each month, they send out a "report" on data usage and unfortunately, I'm top on the list. Last month I was 200,000ish and this past month I was 205,000. (Is that 200,000 kb?) My boss is questioning why my usage is way higher than other users, the next closest person is like 35,000. (Even though there is no extra charge on our dept. bill for data, it's the same cost if you use zero, or 200,000 like me.)

1) I use my BB all the time at work. Walking back from meetings, I check e-mail and reply or delete as needed. I always have it on. I have reconciliation on, so it deletes from my desktop also for e-mail and calendar. I probably get 50-100 e-mails at work on most days. When at work, I use the desktop probably for 75% of those. When I'm not at work, I'm reading, replying to and deleting e-mails (which also continue to reconcile on my desktop.)

2) I use about 100-200 minutes a month on the BB. Not a heavy talker, but this is all data usage, correct? Or, does talk time count differently?

3) I have Ubbertwitter and Facebook apps. I recently have kept UT closed and hardly use now, for fear of extra data usage. Same with Facebook, I keep it closed and use it a few times a day. (Anyone know what either of these use for data usage for an average user, on an average day?) I have in the past uploaded quite a few photos through FB, I assume that's chugging quite a bit of data.

4) I have BBScanner and FlyCast and have also stopped using those, for fear of the above. (However, the last time I really used BBScanner was September or so and this does not seem to be a reason why my data usage is high for November.) How much do these programs chew up in data usage per hour or so?

5) Where I have the 8310, I don't have WIFI as an option, it's all data feed.

6) I have two personal e-mail accounts hooked onto my work BB, I probably get 10-20 e-mails a day. Do external e-mails pulling into the BB take up a ton of data?

7) I'm going to download mini monitor and see if that works, although with OS 4.5, I've read it won't accurately read.

Any advice would be great, to get my boss off my back. I can't check my usage online, as they won't hook our phones up to an online account and the #3234 thing won't send a SMS message to the phone for the same reason.

Reading many posts, many folks are chewing up 500,000 or more a month. My 200,000 isn't too bad, but compared to my peers, it's way high I guess.

Favorite Apps - Flycast, Google Maps, UberSocial, Facebook, SiriusXM, ScoreMobile & BBscanner

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