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Originally Posted by HiramRanger View Post
First... yes I have read the topics I can find on this issue and they are not resolving the problem.

Second... yes I have pulled the battery and rebooted the unit numerous times.

Third I have cleared the memory and rebooted with no effect.

I'm getting an error message on bootup "Java.Lang.NullPointerException".

It is effecting my message box, mail is not pushing through. I get the notification chirp every time a new mail message comes in, but it does not show in the message box.

I've checked the tech forums, AT&T tech support is closed for the night. Tried downloading the new OS from blackberry, but when I connect the unit to the computer and run the blackberry desktop software I can not back up my blackberry and I get a fatal error when I try to upgrade the OS which is supposed to automatically back up data as part of the process. The desktop manager also says it can not connect to the blackberry when I hook it up, although it does recognize the PIN and the applications on the unit... so it is seeing it.

I'm at a loss guys, help me out.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

HELP, how do I get the software to to upgrade. An OS re-install is supposed to be the fix for this error.

Please check this.... Thank you...

Make sure you loaded the phone software as well as the Desktop Manager. These are two separate software's and it sounds like you do not have the 9700 driver loaded as your system does not seem to find it. If you have the handheld software loaded, the Desktop Manager should see it.


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