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Originally Posted by Cravenfan View Post
Uh, I hear you, however I have no time at work for these apps, believe me, this is not when it's occuring. Flycast I use while at the gym, while riding the bike. I also read and reply to company e-mails in the gym, on the bike, on my own time. My belief is that a company owned/provided BB pays dividends for the company while on my vacation and days off, nights and weekends. Again, providing the work/personal balance. Facebook and Twitter are becoming as common as regular e-mail to stay in touch with folks. (They also do not seem to be clogging a lot of data usage.) I have a number of vendors that I keep up to speed with on Facebook as well, extending our relationships.

Using an app like FB or UT (both FB and Twitter are also used by the company to grow our business and communicate to customers, yet they would have an issue with me using it to stay connected?) or Flycast, etc. at night or on weekends, should not be an issue if the data plan is unlimited. If it causes extra cost into the sytem, or drags down performance, ok, I agree. At the same time I'm using these apps at night and on the weekend, I reply to company e-mails at the same time. I don't get paid any extra to be timely in response at night or over the weekend, vs waiting until Monday. I could just turn the BB off when I get home and turn it back on when I get to work, I guess. However, I just do reply timely as I feel it's the right thing to do.

Company policy asside, you should not be using your company provided laptop to surf the net on weekends, or post topics here, but everyone does it. You should not be streaming music over the internet on your desktop at work, but everyone does it. You should not be making/receiving personal calls on your office phone, but everyone does it, etc. You should never receive a personal call on your company provided Blackberry, but everyone does it, etc. I'm guessing some high majority, maybe nearly 100%of all these company provided services are used "outside of policy". I guess if you are surfing pron at home on your company provide stuff, than you are certainly causing issues.

Anyway, I think the majority of the data pull is Flycast from what I'm seeing with Mini Monitor. I do not have any other apps working in the background. Once I get a few days and weeks in, I'll have a better idea. I think to have two BB's, or a BB and another cell phone is a waste. However, I'm not on the administrator side either.
So, I guess I'm confused. You asked how to reduce data usage because someone (your manager?) wanted to know why your data usage was so high.
Did you tell them what you have told us - what you have installed and how you are using your device off hours? And if so, what did they say?

I absolutely do receive personal calls on my company (although not many anymore) and do use the company PC for personal use as well. However, I don't have anyone coming to me and saying "What are you doing?"

The way I read your original post was that you had high usage and wanted to reduce it so as not to get into trouble for having such high usage. Perhaps I read that wrong, but if the usage is all legitimate, why worry about it?
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