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Default Which Phone

I wanted a chance to reply to segeln4me excellent post and Netghoster.
Hi, Ive had a I-Phone 3G/32S for several months now. Im torn.... But I dont like the touch screen or Touch Keyboard. Not before, Not Now and I dont think ever.
I migrated from a Bold 9000 on AT&T, that was plauged with problems. At the time AT&T said, Weve not heard about those problems. Now with the 9700 out, I was told several days ago by a senior support person that the Old Bold was a Problematic Phone for them, one of the worst.
Im on AT&T, I dont do games, I have a couple extras, and I have alot of issues with internet service and the phone. My Service provider is Time Warner or Road Runner. I will constantly go to the internet and get a window to pop stating that the connection failed or the password is no good, ill click okay, and bingo i get my email. If I charge my I-Phone on the desk where my desktop is, Ill get warning when I go to my Desktop for mail, that another device or security is using my account its busy or something like that, something I never got with the BOld.

Pick your Poison, they all have quirks, some more some less. I just recently flew from Minneapolis to Columbus via NWA, they had free internet, I couldnt get in or better yet it wouldnt work. No Internet, no text, no Safari-

The Realestate The I-Phone gives you is awesome, but the I-phone doesnt cut it when it comes to communicating- I have friends all over the world, including Business Relationships, the Pin Messaging that Blackberry offers is unbeatable. The Email, Texting (Keyboard) and Pin Messaging or the Blackberry Messaging is vastly superior to anything I-Phone has.

Oh yes, one more thing, If you use the i-phone 3G/32S, and you let the wifi, bluetooth and all the goodies hang out, you had better be prepared to have a charger even when you go to the toilet. Battery Time on the Phone is Horrible.

I also dont like the choke hold on the phone and strangle hold on the customers that apple feels they can have. Want an unlocked Phone, with Blackberry its a Pleasure and you get RIM support, with Apple you get shackles and Heartaches, and threats of Violated Warranty.

Its not for me. Im going to do whats in my incomes best interest and that is go back to the BB9700 and by a touch for my entertainment pleasures.

The Most Important ingredient to this all is, Run The Network Coverage Map to see what type of coverage you have, get a couple friends to let you borrow their phones for a couple hours, make calls and use the internet,. It not which phone is best, its which phone WORKS the BEST FOR YOU. " COVERAGE" Data, and Phone

I would appreciate it if any one has experience wiith using the 9700 on a Commercial Aircraft flight, I want to find out of they can text, email or whatever.

Also, if you have both phones, how do you get them to work on the same line?

Happy Holidays to all

Im going back to the 9700.

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