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Still trawling for news, and I can find zip since Boy Genius's report back in February and March 2009, calling it the 9300.

Does no one else find this strange? We now know for a fact (because of the superb Bold 9700) that RIM CAN get 3G, wi-fi, GPS and all the rest into a phone exactly the same size as my Curve 8900. We know there would be a market for a 3G Curve, and that most Curve users prefer the Curve keyboard...

They could even release it as a Bold with an alternative keyboard (which is what it would be, essentially), say the 9750, and people would buy it in their droves.

My theory for today is that RIM have a 3G Curve ready to roll (it IS just a keyboard change, after all, how hard can that be?), but want to give themselves and their partner networks a good run at selling the clunky-keyboard 9700, especially to the business market, before releasing a new Curve with the same specs. This would also explain why there appears to be total radar silence on a 3G Curve. (There is a lot of money at stake -- if potential purchasers of the 9700 knew there were a new Curve coming out in a couple of months, then many would wait for that, giving RIM fewer sales when they need more.)
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