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I live in a northern suburb of Chicago; commute to work via car a few days a week. I am in a car a LOT during the weekends. I have texted while driving in the past and had a close call about 3 months ago because of it. Since that time, I have nearly... honestly.. nearly... entirely stopped texting while behind the wheel. I typically now only pick up my device when i am stopped at a traffic light. I am working on it. I use but seriously... I just have to remember that no email/text is that important that it cannot wait.

I fully support the law but riddle me this... what about the number of folks I see fiddling with their gps devices or their ipods while driving? Is that part of the law?

The other issue I have is about enforcement. You know, we have a law in Chicago (Cook county) prohibiting phone use -without an earpiece- while driving. I have witnessed many, many folks yakking away at slow speeds, high speeds... and it seems to be on the rise. I don't see how will the local jandarm jump on this new law when the current law seems to be unenforced.
Just my 14 cents.
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