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Originally Posted by gjminer View Post
Not a good law

What about the people who drive with the visor down putting on make-up?
The drivers who have just merged onto the hwy and do 3 to 4 lan change just to get in the far left lane and go below the speed limit. They donít follow that law of being to slow in the Left lane and they are to move to the right.

I drive 70 miles a day from the burbs to downtown Chicago
Texting is not and issue. Many more bad driving habits need to be addressed before the texting. Like people that cant wait for a red light and must drive 30 mph through a parking lot to turn right instead of waiting for the light! My pet peeve!

So the text is a bull crap law. Letís re-educate the drivers when they get tested for their driverís license that if you put on a turn signal to get over doesnít mean we have to let you in if you are going slower then my lane is and you close your eyes and come over anyway making other car drivers lock up the brakes and cause traffic jams.

Oh I can go on and on.
I don't disagree that there are many bad habits that need to be addressed. But that really isn't the point now is it. The OP asked about the PENDING L-A-W that will be irrevocably take effect in January. I think that it isn't the end-all/be-all for Illinois driver's ills but it certainly helps. Texting may not be an issue for you but clearly there is evidence to suggest it is problematic for others. This article addresses the notion that texting while driving may in fact be more dangerous than drunk driving.

Now I don't like the way IL is run; the current administration/system of governance is aggregiously flawed.... and I am NEVER in favor or more laws/increased loss of individual rights. (Jefferson put it best: "I am not a friend to a very energetic government. It is always oppressive"). But... this tiny bit of energetic government is one that I fully support.
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