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Originally Posted by ScottNYC View Post
Im having the same issue. Im looking for comparisons between the iphone and bold 9700 and came across this forum. From what Ive seen so far Im leaning toward the 9700. It has the 3g, bluetooth, WIFI, if your on verizon then its a no brainer IMO because of the UMA or whatever its called, (allowing you to make calls on WIFI) plus verizons network is just superior IMO. But im going to be on ATTs network and cant decide which. I really like the keyboard and email capability of the blackberry, I also like the apps and browser of the iphone. I text all the time and am not sure about the touch screen texting. At least they have landscape view keyboard from what I understand. Another thing leaning me toward the 9700 is price. I can get the 9700 for free or buy the iphone. One question though, can someone tell me whats so bad about the BB browser, I understand it doesn't have tabbed browsing but as far as just viewing a page, is that hindered at all? Every review I read the cons always lists the browser whats that about?
It seems that you're used to WAP or sorry WML2.0 browsers from feature phones like SonyEricsson's use of Access NetFront 3.1 or Motorola's WML2.0 browser in the RAZR2. For basic, and I mean really rudimentary browsing very popular sites. However, beyond that it gets bad/good.

For corporate use of intranet sites or applications (BNSF uses RemedyARv5/7 on BB via BES for specific train crews for efficient ordering and necessary track repairs, etc on their devices ~ project lead was originally headed by a mentor of mine Charles). For this & similar purposes, its well implemented, secure, and pretty efficient ... no fuss or sloppy rendering. I'm unsure BNSF has abandoned Remedy via BES or not the past 3yrs. However, many corporations are beginning to seriously consider intranet sites to be deployed along with BESv5+OS5 and File Browsing. I'm hoping to see implementations of MS SharePoint to be deployed but I have no clue of any roadblocks if any exists (I'm just a squirrel in the big forest).

Many pundits and geeks really like true internet pages to be rendered. The recent browser in OS 5 has done a fantastic job (from hotspot browser that I can tell) very similar to Opera Mini.
- No Tab Browsing
- Unable to save site id/pw's when deleting cookies/cache/history all together (separately from forms)!
- Flash Lite/Flash ... this is a major challenge considering battery life or implementation and speed using current cpu's which even on Nokia S60 devices is SLOW using Flash Lite 3.1 on few devices (using pittiful outdate ARM11 cpu's)
- Did I mention Tabbed Browsing; it makes for going forward, then back to select other pages (on site much like BBForums here) so seemless.
- Rendering speed has improved but its STILL slow and seems to hang before loading a page. You usually have to wait for the page to load before you can scroll. Again this site for 9700 forums as an example, I'm sure many of us skip the sticky's to see whats newly posted in normal ongoing threads.

The one thing that I absolutely LOVE about the BlackBerry Browser is its management of shortcuts and Bookmarks. I've not seen any other platform allowing the ability to save into a new folder a link or a page and create that new folder on the fly!!

Don't worry the Browser will improve and I think exponentially beyond most of our expectations. EPOC enabled sites was a nice initiation but I'm unsure just how implemented/loved/received by the html industry it was received this past 2009 year.
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