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Originally Posted by lgreenberg
I'm trying to decide whether paying $20 per month for a hosting service like is worth it or not.

I know it'll give me wireless syncronization of calendar and contacts but I don't really mind having to sync the Blackberry with my PC every time. I guess coming from a Treo has made me used to it.

So beyond that is there any real reason to pay for the service? Is web browsing with MDS much better? I honestly find EDGE pretty quick so I'm not sure.

I just don't think I can justify paying an additional $20 per month on top of the $45 I pay Cingular for wireless sync.

I guess I'm thinking I don't really need it unless someone can convince me otherwise..............
Another View:
In my experience, I get busy and rush out the door w/out syncing my device (My device used to be a Compaq Ipaq).
I am out in the field and I need "that info" that I just typed in my MS outlook calendar or contacts or notes. No problem I power on my device and... it's not there, I can't find it. That's because I forgot to sync.
That never happens anymore with my bb on a hosted exchange(Mailstreet). The piece of mind alone is worth the price.The moments of terror that I used to have where awful.
There are other advantages like OWA (Outlook Web Acces), Outlook back up (in effect Mailstreet is doing that for me by hosting my account).