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Originally Posted by Trimix View Post
Wirelessly posted (The Dacia Sandero of data plan)

I thought manual focus is just moving the camera closer or further away from the object you want to take a picture of??
Not quite.

Say you're trying to take a picture through a window with some smears on it. With auto focus, the cameras likely going to focus on the smears and not on that which is outside the window. Sure, in that case, you could, in theory, go outside, but there are other instances, too, where you'd want manual focus.

Taking coins of things really small things is another example. Say you want to take a picture of a coin. If you want to get decent detail you'll need to hold the camera up close to it. Problem is, that kinda breaks some autofocus algorithms and they'll never be able to focus on the coin because they're looking for something that's farther back than that. In that case, moving closer when you're already too close isn't going to solve anything.
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