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Default You Got to Try It

I moved from a 8830 about two months ago and I am very happy with my 9550. I now can type faster with far fewer mistakes but I will tell you it takes some practice. The screen is very nice and sharp. Issues:

1. The keyboard will lock up and you have to hit the top left buttom to unlock it. This is caused by movement in the case while I move in and out of the car and sometimes getting in and out of a chair. I am using an old style clip on belt case.
2. The browser is a pretty good compared to the one on the 8830 and the zoom commands are basically equel to an iphone. I compared my 9550 to a friends iphone and the real difference was the lack of the "pince" zoom feature.
3. You still have to pull the battery once in a while but I found this to be needed after sometimes turning on/off the wi-fi. I don't know if that is a problem with my wi-fi or the phone.
4. Either the radio is not as effective as the 8830 or a whole lot more users are on Verizon in my area. I do get an occasional dropped call with the 9550. On the other hand I am getting a usable signal in an area around Clear Lake City that previous had no or a bad signal on the 8830.
5. I generally put it on the charger every night but then I am using it for more data transfers. I have become hooked on Utube and it works pretty well on the 9550.

Realistically the phone is more "robust" in operation than the 8830 once I got used to its operation. No phone is perfect as it is a compromise in size, weight, battery life, speed of operation, durability, cost and usability.
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