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Default Shame on you RIM! Leaving BB forever!

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It is amazing that the BB is so far behind in the smartphone world now. I started with the very first BB when it hit the market almost 10 years ago. I kept with them for year after year until the first iPhone came out in 2007. Even then I kept going back to my BB because I missed it. But after using the iPhone for sometime and using each new generation iPhone I could clearly see what was happening in the smartphone world. BB just cant keep up or they don't want to. How is it that year after year the BB browser is so bad, just horrendous.

How is it that the BB does not come with at least 32GB much less 16GB of built in storage without having to use an SD Card. Why is it that the BB app world is so limited. It use to be that the email system on the BB was the best and the most reliable. Not anymore, you guys ever see how the iPhone handles Microsoft Exchange? Does not even compare to the BB, it blows the BB exchange away. Recently I keep seeing issues with the BB server going down nationwide, tell me again about reliability... If you do a side by side comparison from the BB to the iPhone 3GS, the BB is as old as the Commodore 64 or the Texas Instruments. People keep telling me xxx8220;or the iPhone is just a multimedia device, its not a good business device.xxx8221; Are you kidding me? Yes, the iPhone is a computer first, a phone second.

When you travel depending on what you are doing, sometimes all you need is your iPhone for your computer needs. I see more and more companies going to iPhone now and more companies leaving the BB. Is the iPhone without fault? xxx8220;No.xxx8221; It has its issues to, people say xxx8220;what about multitasking? I say xxx8220;big deal.xxx8221; But if you need it, its coming in the OS 4.0. Apple has an event on the 26th of Jan that Imo sure will blow me away with the next iPhone in June or July. People need to understand that Apple puts all the research and technology into one device, one carrier, one OS. Whereas BB has so many different devices, different OSxxx8217;s, different carriers. Apple puts it all into one. You tell me what device can be better when all your resources are going into one device all for the user experience.

I can type all day long as to why I have made the conversion to the iPhone from the BB, hell I had the 9700 as well and lasted one week, it felt as though I stepped back in time, absolutely irritating that BB has done s little. I have everything in one device with the iPhone, 5000 + songs, videos, thousands of pictures, visual voicemail that took BB forever to deal with and its still subpar...Again I an go on and on. There was a time that I would think people were crazy to leave BB, I did not like the thought of having no keyboard on the iPhone, but I got use to it, all the benefits out weighed the negative of a keyboard. When you sit back and think of it, its the simplest smartphone around, the syncing of contacts, calendars, music, videos, photos, documents, etc.. and updating the OS is so painless.

The pain in the but updating the BB to different OSxxx8217;s from around the world and the terrible syncing of music was just horrendous on the BB. When I speak to people that have the BB, they say xxx8220;I have an iPhone as a second device.xxx8221; Why???? They obviously like the iPhone but they say they love the BBMxxx8217;s and a keyboard. I can understand that, but thats like meeting a girl who is absolutely gorgeous, but is lousy in bed and had bad body odor, what then? Do you stay with her just because she looks good? If you think the iPhone is better now then wait two weeks to see the next one coming.

Look at the new Google phone and all the other droids in the market, BBxxx8217;s cant even come close to keeping up. Bbxxx8217;s are more a thing of the past, people are comfortable with them and there are so many of them an so many carriers, but once you try some of these other devices, the BBMxxx8217;s and the keyboards are not enough to keep you here.

Obviously Ixxx8217;m posting this on a BB site to which I have been a member of for many years so I know how most of you feel about your BBxxx8217;s, but shame on you RIM for not keeping up with the times, shame on you for allowing this to happen. When I was on my BB, I would see the world around me passing me by, I felt like the old man in the club trying to hang on....

I had a blast on my BBxxx8217;s while it lasted, I had fun trying to figure out what went wrong with my uploads of my OSxxx8217;s through the years on this site. A lot of helpful post and some morons trash talking, but that can happen anywhere. For the most part, it was a great experience but my time has come to move on to better devices that make my life better in business as well as a consumer. Best of luck to all, and to you RIM; technology, technology, technology....get with the program and put something out there that will blow people away.....

And lets not forget about mobile me. Save your contacts and calendars online over the air and the best part is if you loose your phone you can find it via GPS, do a remote wipe or send it messages, make it ring even if someone found it they cant turn the ringer off so you can track it. How is it that the BB doesnt have that?

Does anyone share these thoughts as well?
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