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Default droid vs blackberry

I have the Storm 9530 and Motorola Droid. I love them both. I will give my unbias opinion on both phones, the good, the bad, & the ugly.

I reviewed the Droid for a month before UPGRADING. One of the bads reported was email on Blackberry was better. I found this to be totally false. The email on the Droid took some getting used to, but Gmail is VASTLY superior to the vzw blackberry email. For example, on the Storm, I could send and receive, but COULDN'T open and play large files such as music and videos. And even sending/receiving without opening was tedious. I could only do one at a time. With the Droid, I could not only open large files and play them, I could send/receive multiple large data intensive files AT THE SAME TIME!
The slide out keyboard took a LOT of getting used to, but now I use it flawlessly with my large thumbs. I did like the surepress better. I don't like touchscreens sensitivity that keeps selecting items accidentally. Maybe I can adjust the sensitivity, but I just haven't tried. The camera and video in low light is VASTLY superior on the 9530, but the opposite in lighted situations. The flash doesn't seem to work for the video on the Droid, but THERE'S AN APP FOR THAT! There's a free torch in the marketplace to turn on led, strobe, and send any morse code message.
My Droid never crashes, always loads pages fast, no scroll lag, very solid, despite a review showing the upper half being loose, and moved with 2 fingers on one hand, mine is rock solid. His must have been dropped in shipping.
THE DROID PAYS FOR ITSELF IF YOU WERE PAYING FOR VZNAVIGATOR! Not only is the nav superior on the Droid, ITS FREE and everything is voice activated, and the nav has layers. There's no comparison. The apps available are superior to that of the Storm. A fun one is google sky! Also, on the Storm, you run out of storage space FAST WITH JUST A FEW APPS. I've loaded 5 times as many apps on the Droid, and haven't even come close to reaching storage capacity. Also, the Droid comes with a 16mb card, as opposed to the Storms 8. There is no sim card capability for the Droid, but the media is superior to the Storm, and rivals that of the iPhone, just not as pretty.
In comparison to the iPhone, the only thing superior on the iPhone is the # of apps, but not the average price, and the way the media is displayed. Everything else is superior on the Droid. A Storm/iPhone comparison is a better match. I have an iPhone too!
You can open MULTIPLE WEB PAGES on the Droid. The Facebook and Übertwitter apps are superior and more comprehensible on the Storm.

In short, the only things better on the Storm 9530 and 9550 are the FB and Twitter apps, low light camera/video and the flash is 100 times brighter. It can activate my solar powered scale, and the surepress is subject to individual preference. On a points grade system, I give the Storm 9530 a 90%, the 9550 a 93%, and the Motorola Droid a 100%, with an extra 50% extra credit, bringing it to a 150%!

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