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Originally Posted by HisServant77 View Post

I hope I'm posting this in the right place and it's not a bother. . .
I've been using BBs for several years now, but have never used a data plan to go with it. However, I decided to go for it and on the 14th of the month I'll have unlimited data.

I'm with ATT, and have a Curve (8310). I just signed on for ATT's unlimited Data and Messaging plan for $50.

I was wondering if there was something on my end that I should do to actually make use of this. I don't think I have a browser (might've deleted it a while back, but in any case I'm probably going to put Opera Mini on it). I also turned off all the data usage on my phone so that I didn't accidentally incur some data charges up till now.

Can anyone suggest to me, what to expect? Also, my city JUST got 3G coverage. My sister with a BB Bold shows 3G on her phone, my other sister when visiting, shows EDGE, and she has the same phone I have. Will I actually have 3G coverage? Or is this going to end up being limited by my phone, settings, or plan? (Currently it shows edge -- lowercase)

Also, what settings do I need to fix for my phone (in case I need to fix these things before the plan goes into affect)?

And one last question I can think of right now: ATT's unlimited Data and Messaging plan is apparently different from actually having the BES network. That shouldn't be a problem, right?

If anyone can help me with all this, or at least guide me to current threads that would help (since apparently the search feature doesn't like me), I'd GREATLY appreciate it! Thank you all so much, in advance!
You made the right decision. Everything should start working when your plan becomes active. I would, however, recommend updating your device to the latest OS version.

Also, the 8310 is not a 3G-capable device, so you will only receive EDGE or GPRS. If you would like 3G, consider upgrading to the 9700. It is worth it in my opinion.
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