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Originally Posted by johndyoung
I upgraded my Blackberry to the new verion of the operating system, 4.0.2 and upgraded the Desktop Manager to the new version. I followed all of the steps in the message on this forum for doing this. After completing it, I still have 3 problems and I am hoping someone on here can solve them from me.

First, I am on a BES with my company and get my company e-mail on my Blackberry. Since upgrading, I can receive but not send e-mail. Whenever I try to send an e-mail on my Blackberry, I get an e-mail at my home e-mail adress (not in any way associated with the BES) and it contains the following header, RIM_bca28a80-e9c0-11d1-87fe-00600811c6a2. It also contains an attached file, ETP.DAT, and the body of the message says that it is used to carry data between the Blackberry and an associated server. I have talked to Verizon and my company BES people and no one knows why this message is coming to my home address. Does anyone on here know where this message comes from, and how to stop it?
You need to regenerate the security key or reactivate with the BES to fix this.

Originally Posted by johndyoung
Second, before upgrading, I could push the phone button and they type a name and it would search the address book for like names. Since upgrading, that feature does not work, and Verizon says they think it was removed in the newer version of the software. I can't believe RIM would remove that feature. Does anyone know how I can get that search feature back after pushing the phone key?
You have to be in the name section (where it shows recently dialed people for this to work)

Originally Posted by johndyoung
Third, my BlueTooth headset used to automatically connect to a dialed call as soon as I dialed the call. Since the upgrade, I have to dial the call on the Blackberry and then push the button on the Bluetooth headset inorder to be able to hear and talk on the headset. Again, Verizon said they think that feature must have been removed in the upgrade, but I don't believe it. Does anyone know how to solve this problem.
Sorry, haven't used a bluetooth headset.

Originally Posted by johndyoung
Thanks for your help.

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