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Default Got a Droid recently

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My wife got it actually. She'd used a Pearl then a Curve for 1.5 years and was due for a new unit and listened to the hype. She wanted it because it has a physical keyboard. Did a Google account before picking it up at the local store and the dude transferred her 70 some contacts no sweat (and they synch wirelessly with the Google account instantly-cool). Of course the strong point of the phone is the big screen. Email (gmail for her) is instant. SMS texting (her other main use) is just as easy as the Curve. She bought it because of the physical keyboard but now she only uses the touchscreen. The flat keyboard isn't very conducive to typing IMO, they should have made the phone thinner/lighter and bagged it. She doesn't mind because whe uses a purse, but pocketers will notice the heavier Droid right away. I covered the thing with BSE and she uses a leather pouch case too. The browser and Google voice search feature is excellent, just push a button, say your subject, and BAM, it's there. I haven't even turned the WiFi on because Vzn's 3G is pretty speedy (another reason we got it). The battery is just fine, but she's not a heavy user by any means. They separate your sms/mms from your email but that's no biggie. She doesn't mess with music. Video looks excellent on that screen (movie trailers, youtubes). Like I said she types pretty much the same as she did on her Curve. Overall it's a pretty impressive package and we haven't even messed with GPS or many apps yet. So far so good. I still love my 8900 for its compactness and being able to message quickly. But the android revolution is starting to pick up steam, I'll check out the Nexus 1 someday. Like I said, it's all about that big old screen.
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