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Originally Posted by johndyoung
. . . Second, before upgrading, I could push the phone button and they type a name and it would search the address book for like names. Since upgrading, that feature does not work, and Verizon says they think it was removed in the newer version of the software. I can't believe RIM would remove that feature. Does anyone know how I can get that search feature back after pushing the phone key?

This still works for me after the upgrade on my 7250 as long as you have Dialed from the Home Screen as: "NO".

Third, my BlueTooth headset used to automatically connect to a dialed call as soon as I dialed the call. Since the upgrade, I have to dial the call on the Blackberry and then push the button on the Bluetooth headset inorder to be able to hear and talk on the headset. Again, Verizon said they think that feature must have been removed in the upgrade, but I don't believe it. Does anyone know how to solve this problem.

This is happening to me as well, so I believe this may be the case. I use a motorola HS820. Unless it is a flaw on the HS820 itself that it is unable to pair with that function being it is an older headset. We would have to compare that with others with newer headsets to be sure.

Thanks for your help.
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