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Originally Posted by pnwgeordie View Post
I have a constant problem sending a text and it may be related to others in this thread. Regardless of how strong a signal I have, when I hit send I get a failed send and the error message Protocol Stack Error. The signal will return after maybe 15 seconds and I retry until the text eventually goes. I have no apparent problem receiving texts or emails. I checked to ensure that the SIM card is properly seated, but I couldnt get a wedge of paper like others have apparently done. It seems pretty secure to me.

I think Roberwat is probably right about the Operating System. Most of the problem phones seem to be using T-Mobile.

It is a pain in the butt. This is my second Pearl Flip - the first had all kinds of problems and had to be replaced. This is my first experience with Blackberry and I am not impressed.
I have this exact problem with my 8310 now. I'll pick up a call and certain calls (and interestingly certain numbers almost EVERY time) it goes into SOS mode and says Sim barred or sim error, about 15 secs in.

Also every few text messages or so it'll give me Protocol Stack Error and go into SOS.

In both cases I get service back within seconds. Anyone figure out what the issue is yet?
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