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I hear yaxxx8230; it can be frustrating. Here is what I did.

On the BB I selected Set up WiFi network and xxx8220;scannedxxx8221; for networks then selected minexxx8230; it asked Perform WPS setup? and I selected yes. The BB then generates a number. Then I logged into the router on the computer and under settings xxx8211; Add WiFi device xxx8211; I added the PIN number generated by the BB. It will connect and the router will tell you when it is successful. Obviously that xxx8220;Add WiFi devicexxx8221; will be in different places depending on your router. (I am sure you have done this already anyway)xxx8230; Also, after the successful connection, while in the router I xxx8220;made reservationsxxx8221; and reserved the BB (it will say Blackberry with part of your pin number) with all my other devices/computers on that router. That reserve option will also would be in different places depending on the router. Make sure you have xxx8220;enable internet connectionxxx8221; for any device reserved on your router as well. Now the router knows the BB.

Of course this didnxxx8217;t worked and it dropped constantlyxxx8230;

Then on the BB under Setup WiFi network I selected Manually add network. It will ask you to type in your Network Name xxx8211; on the next page under the drop down menu I selected Pre Shared Key or PSK xxx8211; and then typed in my key xxx8211; the key that all the devices/computers on the router use. It will then try to connect xxx8211; but mine didnxxx8217;t the first timexxx8230; so I hit the back key and it still didnxxx8217;t but asked me if I wanted to save the network anyway. Say no until it does connect. You may have to walk away and try again later. Like all things in tech xxx8211; you just have to keep pounding on it until I connects. When it does it will say something like xxx8220;This network already exists do you want to replace it?xxx8221; Say yes.

By doing both I got the connection to hold but you have to do the following when going in/out of range or it will drop and not work.

I turn one of my routers off at night (the one the BBxxx8217;s are attached to.) Before I do that I uncheck WiFi on the BB. Then I unplug the router. In the morning I plug the router in and get it rollingxxx8230;. Then, and this is real important, with the BB sitting RIGHT NEXT TO THE ROUTER I check to enable WiFi on the BB. It wonxxx8217;t connect immediately but it will connect. Then I leave the BB sitting next to the router for about 5 minutes. When I walk the BB into the other room or anywhere in the apartment after I do that it will dropxxx8230; but it does come back and then it rolls all day no problem.

Now the same will apply if you leave the home. It doesnxxx8217;t like coming in and out of range. So when you want to leave home uncheck WiFi on the BB and go about your life - when you come backxxx8230; go into the room where the router is (no, not from the garagexxx8230; I have done this xxx8211; it will start dropping again.) In the room with the router check enable WiFi from the BB and let them xxx8220;do their thangxxx8221;xxx8230;leave them together for a few minutes - and you will be good to go.

Sorry if this was long xxx8211; but this is what worked for me. We have 3 BB 9000xxx8217;s and all seem to roll WiFi consistently by doing the above.

I hope this helpsxxx8230;

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