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Originally Posted by twinglock40z View Post
Wirelessly posted

Ok and what did I do that was actually wrong. I was OFFERED insurance. I didn't ask for it. Maybe I wasn't clear though...I was having problems with my own device and THEY offered me insurance on it so that I could get it replaced. I declined at first but then later decided to.

Or are you saying because THEY didn't want my old device back. Its not like I said I lost the phone. They knew the problems I was having it. I never lied or did anything wrong. Or because someone bought the device for more than what I thought it was worth. I started the auction at 10 bucks.

Or are you questioning my integrity because I got to wondering if government accounts get treated better

.....? So what is it that makes my integrity questionable? I take a great deal of offense to that.

This questioning of your integrity should not be hard for you to understand. Have you ever had to investigate insurance fraud, because that's what you committed. You can't buy insurance on something that's already broken and then file a claim for it.