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I own many devices, including two iPhones (3G and 3GS), three Blackberries, a Nokia N82 and if you include the devices I sold, I had way too many devices. Allow me to summarize.

iPhone: leisure device. Safari is the world's best browser by far, and nothing comes close to it. However, the iPhone sucks at multi-tasking, and for most applications, when you exit it will not resume where you left off if you return. Furthermore, there is no equivalent to the crucial left convenience key (i.e., application switcher) all Blackberry devices use. Yes, the App Store is nice, but really, who needs applications like Epic Fail? After browsing through the App Store, I find that many of those applications are impractical, and I get the feeling that they are apps just for the sake of being apps. iPhone is a device that appeals to the emotions, but from a practical and productivity prospective, it falls short compared to other devices.

Blackberry: productivity machine. A definite must for those who constantly receive emails for business. You basically take your office with you in your pocket. You receive an email from your boss, then you respond back immediately. Another email arrives from your customer and you want to give him an immediate answer. A MMS message from your associate arrives to give you the latest sales numbers. You copy and paste to your spreadsheet while your wife calls you from home, then you get an alert from your calendar telling you that you have an appointment with a new client right now, so you call him using his contact information to tell him that you will be fifteen minutes late. A new customer sends you an email and you add his information to your Contacts List, and you will write him later. Oops, you forgot to add something to your spreadsheet, so you go back to the MMS message to copy and paste to your spreadsheet, which is right where you left off when you last used it (thank God). At the end of the day, you use Desktop Manager to sync new contacts and data to your desktop.

Comparing the iPhone to the Blackberry, I would say that the iPhone has the feeling of Ooh! and Aaah! for its multimedia features, but Blackberry is more of a Get to the point device.

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