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Originally Posted by JSanders View Post
"Took no action"?

What, like physically restrain the child? Handcuffs, chains?
Does the school not have in place a shoot-to-kill policy? Shoot-to-maim?

What do we expect?
I mean, legally.

If a parent is forced by law to surrender their underage child to a third party, and the child - either because of something he does or because of negligence by the guardian - harms or kills himself, where is the legal liability?

If a school hires guards, what are their responsibilities? If a school places supposed safeguards in place against things like cutting class, how are they enforced and does the public have an expectation that the money being spent on those safeguards is being used in an effective manner?

I don't know the answers to these questions but I suspect these are the legal issues being canvassed.

THAT was my material point.
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