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Originally Posted by jsconyers View Post
In PA (where this incident took place), you must attend school until the age of 18.
In addition to that, in some places here in Ohio, when children are habitually truant their parents can be sent to jail for up to 6 months:

Parents Could Face Charges For Truant Children | WBNS-10TV, Central Ohio News

So - assuming you don't/can't homeschool - IF your child must leave your home to go to school until the age of 18 whether you/he want that to happen or not; and IF you as a parent have done your due diligence by making sure your child actually got to school; and IF your child comes by an accident during the hours when he's supposed to be in the school's care whether by his own volition or not, where is the LEGAL liability?

If this were a 10-year-old, we would not be having this conversation. The line in the sand, in this case at least, is 18.

I believe the parents probably have a legal case.
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