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Originally Posted by kathrynhr View Post

So - assuming you don't/can't homeschool - IF your child must leave your home to go to school until the age of 18 whether you/he want that to happen or not; and IF you as a parent have done your due diligence by making sure your child actually got to school; and IF your child comes by an accident during the hours when he's supposed to be in the school's care whether by his own volition or not, where is the LEGAL liability?

If this were a 10-year-old, we would not be having this conversation. The line in the sand, in this case at least, is 18.

I believe the parents probably have a legal case.
I believe you're correct that they may have a legal case. However, what does anyone learn from this? Where does personal accountability for yourself go from here? If they do indeed deem the school as responsible, when it was the child's choice to leave school, what lesson does that teach other kids of his age or younger?

At 17, I am sure the student knew his way around the school and ways to get out without getting caught if he wanted too. I think it would be nearly impossible for a handful of guards to keep track of hundreds of students at all times. I understand it is their job, but realistically, if the kid wanted out, he would have sneaked out.

How many of us sneaked out of our house one time or another when our parents told us we couldn't go somewhere, but we did it anyway because we thought we wouldn't get caught. I know I was guilty of that as a child. When I was caught, I was held accountable for my actions and I learned my lesson.

As I stated above, I think Kathryn is correct in a legal sense, however, I think it sends the wrong message to punish the school for the student's actions.
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