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OK, first read this please: How to paste 100% FORMATTED Source Code In Your Forum Posts

That will make it much easier for us to help you.

Originally Posted by MobileDeveloperUK View Post

i am utilising the timer event to get the value from a text box and storing it into a variable after saving the previous value onto another variable


where field1 is declared as BasicEditField

But I am getting errors like

local variable crntEntry is accessed from within inner class; needs to be declared final
prevEntry = crntEntry;
Timer timer = new Timer();
TimerTask updateTask;

 String prevEntry;
 String  crntEntry;

updateTask = new TimerTask() {
    public  void run() {

    prevEntry =  crntEntry;
    crntEntry = field1.gettext();

updateTask is an instance of an inner class, as the compiler is telling you. It wants to be sure strange things won't happen such as another thread changing the value of prevEntry behind its back. However if you declare a variable as final you can't change it.

A little more context would help, surely preEntry and crntEntry don't exist as bar Strings like that, they must me members of some class. Do you have access functions defined for them?
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