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Angry Storm2 stolen, claim filed, already a nightmare, Asurion strikes again!

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Upgraded to a Storm2 last Fall. Loved it. Made sure it had insurance with Verizon from day #1. Of course, Verizon uses Asurion for their insurance.

OK, so my phone was stolen last week. Made the claim online Saturday, but it wouldn't go through. Had to wait until Monday to call them and finish the claim process.

Asurion refused to send my phone to me at the address I specified, saying it was 'flagged' for fraud. Huh? It's where my wife works and is a secured building in lower Manhattan. Our apartment is in a building without a door man. Fed-Ex and UPS just drop sh*t off here to be stolen, so I never allow packages to come to me at home. After MUCH arguing, they agree to ship me the phone overnight, to my wife's work place, for Tuesday delivery.

No phone Tuesday. Call in the afternoon, they apologize and say it is on the way and will get to me on Wednesday. OK, fine.

No phone today. Nope. Call them and get lied to over and over again, one new excuse after another. Long story short, they finally admit they don't have any Storm2's in stock. They don't know when they will get any in stock and they won't refund me the $90 they already charged me, even if I have to wait weeks for the phone to ship.

Called Verizon and the gal I spoke to said I shouldn't even get insurance because I have had it less than 60 days. Say what?! WTF is she talking about? #1, I have had the Storm2 for over two months and #2 in ten+ years with Verizon have never had a gap in my insurance. Finally get a supervisor and he can't really help me any. He admits the rep before him was mistaken and yes, i always have had insurance. Duh!

He will try and call Asurion to find out an ETA on my shipment and he will credit my account $90 as a courtesy for Asurion taking my money despite not shipping me a phone.

After I talked to him I searched Google and was stunned at how bad Asurion's reputation is. It is BAD. Search just 'Asurion' and nearly every hit is a complaint! They send out refurbed hones that don't work and then charge you $50 to replace them.

Right now I am completely freaked out. the Storm2 is a complex piece of hardware. A refurb could potentially be a nightmare. It might work a few days or a few weeks or a few months and then I am screwed.

The verizon manager had actually said at one point during our talk, "I can move your upgrade date up to today" and that way i could buy a discounted phone. I dismissed that at the time, but now I wonder if this is just better for me. If I could get a phone for a hundred bills, well, then that is better than a refurb for a hundred bills.

At this moment I am waiting for the Verizon guy to call me back.

Anyone have some experience with Aurion? I am very curious what will happen in regards to a Storm2 replacement. I do not want a refurbed phone. No fricking way.

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