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Sure, I can list some differences between SilverDust and viewing SharePoint through the browser.

Browsing experience
SilverDust is a rich ui client (not browser based). We give you access to your SharePoint content (i.e sites, document libraries, lists, calendars) in an easy to use format.

The two native browser modes SharePoint offers are normal (browsing from a workstation) and mobile. The normal mode renders extremely small on the blackberry device, requiring you to scroll around the page and zoom in to simply navigate between items and pages. The mobile mode is a striped down text equivalent of the normal mode, which is for all intensive purposes read only text mode.

The speed difference between the two is significant. Silverdust is optimized to handle the SharePoint structure. Browsing in normal mode is often slow an unreliable because of the number of images/menus MDS has to render on almost every SharePoint page. Plus many of the dropdown menus don't function.

SharePoint Content
In document libraries, Silverdust allows you to create new documents, edit existing, delete documents, open documents directly on the device, check in and out documents, change custom views and create folders. Future versions offer download resumablility and multiple document downloads.

The browser will only allow you to view document names (in a list) and download one document at a to the device.

In SilverDust, you can import calendar entries directly into your blackberry calender or view and edit entries as a standard list. In the browser, you can only view the bulky calendar control.

Silverdust offers workflow support. You can approve workflows from directly on the device. The browser does not offer any workflow support.

A few last things, SilverDust is a completely secure model. Every transaction between the client, silverdust server, and SharePoint is encrypted. Additionally, no special code or modifications have to be added to SharePoint to get SilverDust working. All you do is point the server to a site, document library, or list URL the push it to the SilverDust client.

There are a few other features outline on the SilverDust Site

There are a new videos available at SilverDust Videos
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