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Originally Posted by Motorcycle Mama View Post
Has the device been exposed to ANY moisture at all? Even a little tiny bit?

Wet hands, wet hair, sweaty pocket, heavy dew, steamy bathroom, other high humidity environment?

All of these can easily damage the keyboard contacts.
My hands get sweaty My hair is shaved short, never taken it into the bathroom. I was my hands at work (food industry), but it's completely against the rules to wash your hands and not dry them off properly before touching other things. So I've never ran my hands under a sink, then touched my phone immediately after. I would compare the moisture of my hands after washing them, to the same amount of sweat my hands create.

The litmus paper on the phone that's in question is under the trackball, and it's barely visible, and barely pink. Yet apparently it's enough to destroy the entire phone? Come on. There are people here who've ran their BB through the wash and it comes out fine.

All other indicators on the phone are still white, like brand new. So the amount of water I'm accused of spilling on this device would for sure set off the other 2 on the phone.

I've not used it outside of what's considered normal. If a random drop of sweat, or bead of water gets off my body onto the phone, you can't tell me that's enough to destroy the entire device. If that's true, then the phone isn't fit for consumers and they'll have a lawsuit on their hands.

Lastly, it isn't just the keyboard that doesn't work. When the phone boots up (upon putting the battery in), I can move the track ball around. I cannot select anything with it. I can't make phone calls (but I can see incoming calls, text messages etc.), the mute button doesn't work, nor does the lock or quick button for the camera, or the volume. I also keep my blackberry in a protective skin. The last time I used my phone was on Feb 13th, on break at work sitting at a table texting a friend. After I was done, I pressed the lock button and put it back into my pocket. After my shift is done, my phone has died.

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