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Originally Posted by aiharkness View Post
Wirelessly posted

Here's the opinion of a user who's never had a moisture issue, for what it's worth:

1 - Call the toll free customer service number for your carrier. Be very polite and calm and explain the problem and what you've already done and who you've already talked to. See what happens.

2 - If you do have a moisture indicator that has turned, I think you are out of luck regardless.

3 - As MM says, there are numerous reports on the forum of moisture issues because of exposures as slight as a sweaty pocket or foggy locker room. Sometimes removing the battery and drying the device real good fixes things.

Maybe you got a faulty device and that one indicator is a coincidence. But, as I say, I think you don't have a case with that turned idicator.

Good luck.
I will try drying it out, but its been sitting on my computer desk for 24 hours or so with no battery in it. Not sure how much more dry it's going to get.

Like I mentioned, if some slight humidity can ruin this phone, that's something that needs to be disclosed to the consumer upon purchase. I was only warned of not spilling drinks on it, or not putting the back down into water (so I bought skins to prevent this).

I called customer service (was quite angry) and explained to them what was happenning. They are the ones that accused me of basically putting it under a sink and that "moisture from your hands, CANNOT cause the device to malfunction, or turn the paper red". They've offered me nothing thus far, despite that fact that it could be the OS that has malfunctioned and re-installing it could fix the problem. Or that the "tech" didn't even bother to take the phone apart. They just look at that paper and accuse you of ruining it.

If there's water damage on the phone, I'd like my service provider to actually show me it. There will be corrosion, and other signs of sparking on the phone that would clearly indicate what happened. If that isn't there, it doesn't matter what the paper says because the phone could have come with it.
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